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New Silver Unboxing of Limited Edition Cannbis Coins

Recently made a couple more additions to the silver collection.

Check out this short video showing off my silver additions.


No Dollar Bills Newer than 2009 in Circulation?

This video talks about how there are no newer than 2009 dollar bills in circulation that I have come across in a couple years.

I would like everybody to check their cash right now and see if there is any dollar bills that are newer than 2009!


Cheapest Silver Eagle Bullion Prices!

A comparison between popular PM’s dealers to find out which one had the cheapest silver eagle price on a monster box!

I compared dealer’s including: Apmex, Provident, NTW, and POW.


US Henry Survival Rifle Unboxing (.22LR)

Just got a Henry Survival Rifle (.22LR) the other day and made a video about it. I think its a pretty cool gun and if your looking at getting a .22 for plinking around or something, this is your gun.

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Buying Junk Silver/New to Silver Stacking

Hey guys just a quick video on my Junk Silver Silver Stack!

Don’t be fooled by the name Junk its not junk!

Visit to check out what circulated silver is worth.


Gold Investing Interview/ My Gold Collection

Hey guys I got another Youtube video here talking about my Gold Collection!

I am more in on Silver but I like to stay diversified and have some Gold and some Copper and eventually some real estate.

Hope and you enjoy and don’t for get to subscribe!

Click Below for interview:


Solar -Powered Boat Sails the world

This video shows an astonishing boat that is completely covered and powered by solar panels.
Very cool and futuristic technology!


Best Guns For Self-Defense

Did a video about self-defense with guns against multiple offenders.

I am showing off my Ar-15 and my handgun in this video, and I also discuss my recent Conceal and Carry Class.



*Tips* Building Lean Muscle

Just my take on building muscle on what worked for me and what will probably work for you!

Bode Protein Shake:

Zero Sugar Verve:

Get FREE Protein and Healthy drinks:

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Colloidal Silver & Gold Review


I’ve been taking Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold for the past few months to increase my immune system among other positive benefits!

Enjoy the video and sub and check out other vids!



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